Google Adwords

Benefits of using Google Adwords ad campaign (PPC, CPM, and CPA):

Google Adwords works faster than SEO
• Adwords can focus on multiple keywords at a time
• Top of the page visibility
• Drives more traffic and leads instantly
• You can turn the campaign on or off whenever you want to
• Increases brand awareness
• Reach more customers through their Gmail Inbox
• Reconnect with visitors of your website by Remarketing
• Measure your performance consistently
• Explore more using your ads
• Tackle your competition better
• Tracking success and Targeting ads locally
• Defined Budget and can start with a small initial investment
• Helps in improving organic search ranking

Agency will optimize your ad campaign by exploiting the following features of
the adwords:

 Business Keyword Research
• Text, Image, Video, Flash or other interactive ad design
• Bidding Strategies
• Campaign Management
• Regularly monitoring and Tracking Performance

• Audience Targeting
• Sitelink Ad Extensions
• Quality Score Optimization

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